Bad Ass Building Package


Our signature Bad Ass Building by Eric is a welcome alternative for the budget conscious customer who still needs a custom project for their metal building. Ask Eric about these designs and find out just how much you really can afford.


What is a “Bad Ass” building?  It is less expensive than a regular metal building, but maintains the same structural integrity.  It has a concrete foundation; nothing cheap about it.  You can custom design it, choose your doors and windows, and pick your custom colors.  The only limitation is that it has a single slope roof and is a maximum of 25 feet wide (by as long as you want it to be).  It fits in your backyard and is an asset to your property.


Simply Metal Structures, LLC offers our customers our own SMS package…this is designed to better seal your building top to bottom, give a finished look and give you full material warranty protection.


Some of Our Recent Bad Ass Projects

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