Our Old Truck, Pt. 2

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Me, Big Dog Jack, and my chauffeur Mr. Eric have been taking some rides in my truck. It’s a ’66 Chevy Step Side and it’s running great! I helped Mr. Eric put the new brakes on so we aren’t making too much roadkill. Don’t tell Mom, but I do like my roadkill from time to time…last week there was this turtle trying to cross the road and… Oh, sorry, forgot myself there for a minute. 

Mr. Eric is gonna fix up the truck’s bed and I get to help him with that. He needs me to have something to step over and I keep the cats out of the way while he works. Woof! 

Mr. Eric sure is working hard and was telling me about this Bad Ass Building he wants to get back to soon as he can. I know when he goes there, cause I can smell another dog. He doesn’t think I know about him and that other dog. Grr.

Well, stay home and be safe. We’ll all get back to work soon and Mr. Eric will be doing what he does better than anybody else in Texas: Building excellent metal buildings.

Until then… Big Dog Jack here, wagging my tail and waiting to greet you at the gate!

Our Old Truck

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Just like all of you, we here at Simply Metal Structures are concerned for what we see happening in our country and the world. We are doing our part by praying for God’s blessing during these difficult times, as well as following “social distancing” guidelines. Unfortunately, this means we are closed for business for the time being.

But a “rainy day” has given Eric some time to do something he’s been wanting to do for a while – namely get his old ’66 Chevy step side truck running again! We’ve been taking it for short drives. He lets (Jack) me sit in the front seat and feel the wind blowing against my face. I get lots of attention from folks in town – a few even see fit to slip me a treat or two!

Right now we’re mostly cruising around the farm and down some country roads (cue John Denver). It’s really beautiful out here right now. Eric looks forward to getting back to work on some Bad Ass Buildings once it’s safe to once again live life to the fullest. In the meantime, let’s go for another ride!

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I Have a New Project!

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Hi folks!  Jack here!  I just got a new project!    Dad and I will be building some Bad Ass cottages for The Cottages at Boldheart Farms. We are putting the pictures of the build on our website so please follow along.  In the first picture here, Dad and I are discussing the day’s work.  In the second picture, I’m guarding our tools.  If you look closely, you will see a red ball.  That’s one of MY greatly needed tools.  I have to earn my keep!


Metal Barndominium and Garage

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I came out with mom to the job site to help her receive the material for a barndominium and act as her guard dog. I don’t get to come to job sites often so taking the road trip to Dripping Springs was more than welcome. The job site had an excellent view and we did a lot of walking waiting for the material. When the truck got there it was back to hard work.

Metal Storage Units by Eric

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I  approve the Simply Metal Structures decision to meet at Starbucks, the nice ladies always give me my puppy latte. We talked with a new customer about some metal storage units that Eric specializes in!

Custom Mechanic Shop

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I took Shelby to my Consummate K-9 class where I taught her to sit and stay.  She loves our metal building that Eric and I built and the Bad Ass metal buildings by Eric too. She really approved of the mechanical shop that Eric built for our Simply Metal Structures office. It has a nice concrete floor and insulation, which feels good on my paws on a hot summer day. Shelby is Mom’s Granddaughter from Washington State.