Our Old Stepside Truck (pt. 3) and COVID Update

By April 11, 2020 Recent Projects

Mr. Eric has almost finished up his work on my old truck! It really looks great, if you ask me. The staining on the boards looks great and then he oiled them with teak oil.  They look and feel awesome. The boards are oak. Mr. Eric decided not to paint the fasteners – he likes the contrast and shiny things. The entire bed of the truck had to be lifted so the pieces could be unfastened and the new one put in place.  

There is still some fine tuning to do to it and then Mr. Eric will let me (Jack the Dog) take it for a drive. Well, I’m not sure if he’ll let me take the wheel… But sitting in the passenger seat is just fine for me! Woof!

Mr. Eric is home a lot these days which is great for me! But he says he’ll be getting back to work again soon. He told me to tell you that if you are looking for an awesome new metal building (no one, I mean no one, does this better than my dad!), to just give him or Miss Maggie (my mom) a call. Her number is 512-718-4218.

I don’t totally understand what they’re talking about… But Mr. Eric tells me that he can go ahead and lock in your price, start ordering your materials, get to work on your design, and be ready to hit the ground running (I do know a lot about hitting the ground running!) once his business is fully open again.

Give ’em a call… They’d love to talk to you. And come give me a scratch behind the ears as soon as you can!