Our Old Truck, Pt. 2

By April 2, 2020 Recent Projects

Me, Big Dog Jack, and my chauffeur Mr. Eric have been taking some rides in my truck. It’s a ’66 Chevy Step Side and it’s running great! I helped Mr. Eric put the new brakes on so we aren’t making too much roadkill. Don’t tell Mom, but I do like my roadkill from time to time…last week there was this turtle trying to cross the road and… Oh, sorry, forgot myself there for a minute. 

Mr. Eric is gonna fix up the truck’s bed and I get to help him with that. He needs me to have something to step over and I keep the cats out of the way while he works. Woof! 

Mr. Eric sure is working hard and was telling me about this Bad Ass Building he wants to get back to soon as he can. I know when he goes there, cause I can smell another dog. He doesn’t think I know about him and that other dog. Grr.

Well, stay home and be safe. We’ll all get back to work soon and Mr. Eric will be doing what he does better than anybody else in Texas: Building excellent metal buildings.

Until then… Big Dog Jack here, wagging my tail and waiting to greet you at the gate!